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iD Mobile

Développeur Evozi

The iD app gives you quick and easy access to your iD account, allowing you to make payments, buy extras and stay in complete control even when you’re on the move. The iD app has everything you need to manage your mobile account. Here are just a few of the useful things you'll be able to do:• View any of your bills from the past 6 months.• Monitor your usage and keep a close eye on your limits.
• Quickly buy extra bundles and services as soon as you need them.
• Pay your bills at any time.
• Check your upgrade eligibility to see if you're due a new smartphone.
• Get all the latest offers, competitions and much more!
The iD app is free to download, and simple to access.A few important things to remember:• The iD app is free, but any internet you use to access the Wi-Fi Finder will be taken from your monthly allowance• If you use the app abroad, you’ll pay our standard roaming charges • Sorry, this app isn’t available to business and corporate customers. For more help with the app visit our website